Splendour 2012 live stream preview

Last year 46,650 music fans tuned in to watch Splendour in the Grass sets from Coldplay, The Kaiser Chiefs, Elbow, The Vines, Cloud Control and The Vaccines on the live steam and this year Virgin Mobile will once again be delivering live stream from the festival so you’ll be able to watch eight hours of Supertop and Mixup action.

The acts on the 2012 stream lineup include Kimbra, Miike Snow, Ladyhawke, Cast of Cheers, Band of Skulls, Bleeding Knees Club, Last Dinosaurs and more.

Watch all the action from 3pm, Saturday 28th July on Virgin Mobile’s YouTube channel.


Kimbra’s show is sure to be a bit of a step up on the show she presented at Splendour last year, as FL’s reviewer noted at her recent headline show in Melbourne “noticeable from the get go was the production values of the show to come, as with popularity comes money, and the ability to pull out some tricks. Three enormous photo frames formed an immense backdrop, each lit with vivid imagery, changing for every track and accompanied by exceptional lighting effects… The songs weren’t too shabby, either. Given that Kimbra only has the one album thus far, Vows has received such a mighty flogging that she’d be forgiven for getting a bit sick of it. But if Kimbra’s at all tired of her token 11 tracks, she didn’t betray the fact; conducting a looped choir with twitchy hands, repeatedly buckling at the knees as she danced around stage and putting in her all on tracks like Plain Gold Ring and Settle Down.”

Miike Snow

A visually stunning live performance that built intensity with fluctuating bright lights and atmospheric white smoke. Sweaty smiles on their faces lay evidence to an incredible set that delivered in jaw-dropping aesthetics as it did in stimulating sound.


An impressive mid-set trilogy made the night, with Magic, Dusk Til Dawn and Black, White and Blue potent highlights respectively. Later, Paris Is Burning proved equally as impressive. Pleasingly, Brown’s rock-fuelled redirection has not come at the expense of the things that made her such an irresistible prospect in the first place: past or present, each of her songs profess a special accessibility, Brown’s knack for striking pop music obvious. She targets the jugular and strikes with precision on almost every occasion, an abundance of hooks and killer melodies in supply.

Cast of Cheers

Trucks at Night is one my favourite songs to play live. It’s definitely going to be part of our set and there’s a nice little guitar fuzz ending riff that isn’t there on the album.

Band of Skulls

There are plenty of blues influences scattered throughout the set, particularly on newer songs like Bruises and The Devil Takes Care Of His Own which sound like White Stripes and The Black Keys offcuts. But these comparisons belie a much heavier atmosphere present in the trio’s songwriting, which gradually stirs the crowd into slow-motioned, synchronicised head banging. Fans are also treated to older songs in Light Of The Morning and I Know What I Am as a spectacular light show intensifies the performance which, while not the most upbeat of the day, is clearly a stand-out.

Bleeding Knees Club

Brash and enticing would be the best way to describe the way Bleeding Knees Club went about their business. Given their musical style, those familiar with their songs would agree that the gig would be more enjoyable if you had consumed a considerable amount of brews – or Vodka Cruisers, you know, whatever gets you all giddy. The crowd surfing continued throughout most of the set, and even the band members got in on the act. Given that the band saw fit to invade the audience, the audience thought it appropriate to return the favour and get onstage too.

Last Dinosaurs

Last Dinosaurs take the stage with a self-assured confidence and jumped and bounced themselves all of the way through an extremely enjoyable forty-five minute set. Their backdrop was unexpected yet captivating, adding an atmospheric chilled vibe to the impressive set. Every song played was a danceable delight – Saturn in particular showing off the renewed tightness of their live set.Their cover of Lady (Hear Me Tonight) by Sophie Ellis Baxter was nothing short of brilliant, with the local lads putting their own touch on the dance-floor classic. Of course the band saved their big guns for last with Zoom and Honolulu throwing the crowd into a frenzied dance off before the end of the set.

Watch all the action from 3pm, Saturday 28th July on Virgin Mobile’s YouTube channel.