Sparkadia @ Capitol, Perth 16/04/2011

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Perth’s Capitol filled up quickly on the last night of the Great Impression Tour. Nationally touring their sophomore album with great support bands, Sparkadia’s gig was guaranteed to be full of good music. Unfortunately, many of the faces in the crowd looked a little lost, which resulted in some pretty flat responses.

Kicking off the night was Melbourne band Alpine, fuelling the night with their shoegazer dream pop. There were a respectable number of eager punters really getting into the set, hypnotized by guitar hooks and layered female vocals. Not that they needed much convincing towards the end, Alpine’s latest single Villages was an absolute crowd pleaser.

Operator Please were next to do their thing, leading lady Amandah Wilkinson proved she’s still as spunky as ever. With a big pink flower broche attached to her guitar strap, Wilkinson commands the room with her trade pitch vocals. She squeaked through a great set but was unable to really stir the crowd with Gold and Just a Song About Ping Pong.

There were some unfortunate technical difficulties which left out a couple of songs and turned Operator Please’s set into a distracting dance of hand signals and lip reading. Punters were able to belt out the happy birthday song for the sound guy but sadly, were unenthusiastic about the performance.

Sparkadia made it onto the stage with a warm cheer. With a slow start, Sparkadia glided right into The Greatest Impression, amped up the energy with Kiss of Death and straight into a sing along inducing Too Much To Do without much chit chat.

There was a great cheer when frontman Alex Burnett gave a chuckle saying: “this song is about a happy accident” to introduce Talking Like I’m Falling Down Stairs. Burnett gave a stunning performance with Up in the Air, his voice filled with sweetness and emotion. Also from their debut record Postcards (2008) Morning Light and Animals put some smiles on faces.

People jumped around and sang the chorus of China as the anthem of the night. Fans seemed a disappointed to leave it on that note but a weak attempt to cheer the band back on stage was enough for an encore. Finishing off the night with Hurt Me and Jealousy. Punters bopped around and mimicked holding the lengthy notes as Burnett does.