Southbound Festival, Day 1 @ Stewart Bovell Park, Busselton, (01/01/11)

The hung over New Year’s crowd were a mix of young and old for Friday’s introduction to Southbound, dragging eskys, swags and tents to where most would call home for the next three days.

The old saloon was the perfect vantage point to grab a beer and watch the Scissor stage action; The Novocaines had a nice little crowd bopping along to a messy yet melodic set, the energy these guys produce live is awe inspiring, with Cup Of Coffee raising the biggest response from the beach ball bouncing crowd.

Over on the Paper stage was the exact opposite of the Scissor stage, Dull and boring sleepy time pop from Angus And Julia Stone, though their stage show leaves little to be desired, their soaring vocals and epic commercial anthem Big Jet Plane made up for the lack of excitement.

The electro funk of From Dusk Til Dawn highlighted the arrival of New Zealand artist Ladyhawke, standing in denim with a guitar strapped round her shoulders, she busted out chick pop with integrity, burning through crowd favourites My Delirium and Paris Is Burning.

The Yacht Club DJs kept the party vibes going with a set of crazy mash ups to keep the people moving, probably the funnest sound of the festival, mixing the cheese of Toploaders Dancing In The Moonlight with the Gurge’s Song Formally Know As, which then blended into classic electro and rock anthems Breathe and Enter Sandman,it was fun sticking around just to see what anthem would drop next.

The low key arrival of Interpol commenced with the slow rock pace of Success and barely picked up steam with Say Hello to the Angels slowly trudging along, of course Barricade lifted the enthusiasm ever so slightly but not much else can be said, Interpol were a let down after high expectations.

Melbourne madman Muscles made his way onto the Scissor stage to signal the curtain closer for day number one, Hey Muscles, I Love You was the self indulgent opener that had the monotone Muscles crooning to a sing along crowd,. One in Badge Pin kept them dancing whilst the beauty of The Lake was lost in the mix and at times windy conditions – with smell of shit often wafting from the over flown toilets.

Ice Cream made all stand to attention and join along in one awesome sing along, such an awesome tune, Chocolate, Raspberry, Lemon and Lime had Muscles venturing to stage front before new track Northern Beaches got its debut airing on West Australian ears, Sweaty, Girls Go Crazy and My Friend Richard had the stage front bouncing along, and hugs being dished out by loved up, or drunk, punters.

Lauren From Glebe rounded out Muscles set before all in attendance were either ushered towards the exits or into the doof doof areas of the coconut club or the lounge tent, but after day one, most people opted for their own tent: a wise choice.