Soundwave update: one band drops off, two more added

Following on from yesterday’s controversial Big Day Out vs Soundwave debate, promoter AJ Maddah has made a number of announcements of his own regarding this year’s event.

Speaking via twitter this afternoon Maddah has announced that Dragonforce will no longer be playing Soundwave 2012, “due to recording delays”, but that the festival has secured doom metal stalwarts Paradise Lost and US rockers Switchfoot in their place.

Maddah tweeted that, “There’ll be few announcements today”, so stay tuned to Fasterlouder for more updates.

Update: Since making this announcement on Friday, Maddah has also confirmed that Devin Townsend and Meshuggah will team up for Sidewaves in Melbourne and Sydney, with full details to be revealed this week. While Cathedral, Paradise Lost and Turisas will form a triple bill for a Sidewave in both Melbourne and Sydney as well.

And for those of you just hanging out for festival settimes, Maddah is hoping to release the Soundwave timetables this week, revealing that: “Main stages are done. As is stage 3, and stages 4(a) & 4 (b). Now working on 5(a) & 5 (b)….