Soundwave timetables: Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth will be “VERY” different

UPDATE: 13/2/13 – Updated set times for all cites have been released

UPDATE: 12/2/13 – The Melbourne and Adelaide set-times have been released.

Last night’s release of the Sydney and Brisbane Soundwave timetables was followed by the usual whinge about clashes, but festival boss AJ Maddah has reassured fans that timetables for Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth will be “VERY” different. More importantly: He promised that headliners Metallica and Blink 182 will not clash.

On a line-up featuring 73 bands, “a “special guest””: and nine stages clashes were inevitable, with Maddah warning fans that scheduling this year was going to be particularly difficult as the headliners want to “show off their gigantic light shows”. Just prior to dropping the Sydney and Brisbane, Maddah braced himself for a timetable backlash, tweeting, “I am off too do some deep breathing and stretches before Whingefest 2013 kicks off.”

The clashes between major drawcards Metallica, Blink 182 and The Offspring have been the source of most complains, but others have taken umbrage with A Perfect Circle and Killswitch Engage playing at the same time, especially since both acts are exclusive to the festival and won’t be playing any additional Sidewave dates.

Maddah has already confirmed that he’ll change the Brisbane and Sydney schedules to correct the clash between post-hardcore acts Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens. The change will allow Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens to join Pierce The Veil on stage for their collaboration ‘King For A Day’. The revised timetable will also correct the set times for Sharks who will be playing for 10 minutes longer than currently scheduled.

The schedule for Soundwave in Melbourne could be released as soon as the weekend, with the Perth and Adelaide timetables expected to be released some time before the end of next week.