Soundwave Revolution sideshows?


Soundwave boss AJ Maddah has confirmed that there will be an Alter Bridge sideshow in Melbourne, but they “haven’t scheduled it yet”. Although Maddah won’t be the promoter presenting the show he says that an Alice Cooper sideshow in Melbourne is “quite possible”.

The news for fans in other cities isn’t so promising with Maddah confirming that “No matter what happens, Van Halen will not be doing any other shows than 5 Revolution appearances” and that “We have no plans for any Sydney sideshows atm.”

As the list of bands for the Soundwave Revolution lineup slowly grew the festival’s promoter AJ Maddah declared that the all ages festival will be a one off for 2011 and that he was “99% sure there won’t be any sideshows for Soundwave Revolution”. However several of the festival’s bands have now revealed that they have sideshows pencilled in on their Australian tour schedule.

Yellowcard announced on their blog back in April that “We will also be playing a couple of headlining shows while we are [in Australia for Soundwave Revolution]”. While Devon Townsend replied with an emphatic “Yes!” when asked on Twitter in May if there was any chance he’d be playing a sideshow in Melbourne while touring with the Revolution.

Last week Alter Bridge, aka former Creed members fronted by Slash’s singer of choice – Myles Kennedy, revealed on Twitter that they “will be doing two side-shows in Australia but no info yet on where. We will update as soon as we know the details.” While Connecticut post-hardcore / punk rock crew Make Do And Mend have also announced on Twitter that “For those of you asking, yes, we will be playing sideshows at Soundwave Revolution in the fall. They will be announced soon, stoked!”

With the Soundwave Revolution tickets now on sale Maddah seems to have softened his line on a sideshow ban, replying to several fans to suggest that “we have the option to do side shows with most bands. The question is whether we choose to exercise the option.”

The news looks promising for punters in Melbourne, with the festival boss noting “maybe [there will be sideshows] in Melbourne. SWR looking like an early sell-out, it is quite possible”. Responding to calls for sideshows in Sydney, Maddah and more definitively replied: “Nope. If we do exercise the options for any sideshows, they’ll end up in Melbourne.” Brisbane will also be overlooked as Maddah as declared that “There will be no side shows in Brisbane whatsoever.”

There’s still good news for punters who won’t be able to attend any Melbourne sideshows (presuming they are ever announced) as Maddah has also revealed that the deal for the headlining Van Halen set is “based on VH bringing full US production” and is likely to be a 90 minute show”. There will also be further additions to the lineup – “still 1 or 2 artists to come” – although any new acts are likely to be added with the money that had been budgeted for Thrice, who were dropped from the tour following a management mix-up.