Soundwave Revolution headliners to be announced on Monday


According to Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah – “Top 4 bands are considered headline acts. We have announced #1 (VH) and #4 (Alice Cooper) and left #2 & #3 for 2nd announcement.” So stay tuned for at least TWO major announcements! There will be 7 or 8 bands on the announcement.

The announcement was scheduled for Monday night, but was postponed to Wednesday 3rd August at 10pm. However just hours before the extra bands were to be revealed Maddah announced on Twitter – “I am sorry, once again there will be no announcement this evening”.

The second major Soundwave Revolution lineup announcement due next Monday (August 1st) is going to be huge, if we’re willing to believe the festival’s promoter AJ Maddah.

When asked on Twitter recently if there are any main stage bands on the second announcement the festival’s promoter AJ Maddah replied with an emphatic “Oh yes!” and now we know that the second announcement won’t be just any main stage band – it’ll be the a headline act.

The Twitter addicted festival promoter confirmed the amazing news by tweeting that “We’re announcing [the Soundwave 2012] line-up at Revolution. Between the set of the yet to be announced headiner and V[an] H[alen].”

It’s possible that Maddah’s recent scouting trip to Sonisphere could provide a clue to the identity of this mystery headliner. On returning home from the festival Maddah announced that “2 out of the 3 big ones” he was chasing from the lineup have been booked in to tour. The Sonisphere lineup included Metallica, Biffy Clyro, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Megadeth, Anthrax and Opeth.

Weezer was also on the Sonisphere lineup, but Maddah says he given up on Rivers Cuomo ever coming back to Australia, although apparently we’ll still see “an hour of Weezer” at Revolution. Maddah has also ruled out Aerosmith as a possible headliner as Revolution “already has Van Halen”.

The Twitter comment about the Revolution headliner also confirms that the Soundwave 2012 lineup won’t be announced until the Revolution tour is underway, but if the announcement comes between the headlining acts on the first stop on the Revolution tour in Brisbane we’ll could find out who’s coming for the February edition of Soundwave as early as Saturday 24th September.

Until then there’ll of course be plenty of rumours and speculation about the lineup. So far we’ve seen CKY announce that they’re playing the festival next year and Trivium recently told us that they’ll “probably be down next summer for a festival like Soundwave or maybe a headlining tour.” When asked about Trivium booking a spot on the Soundwave tour Maddah declared that “Trivium are family. If they want to play SW12, it is as good as done”.

Fueling the flames of speculation, Maddah has also noted that he’s “sure” Taking Back Sunday will be here in the next 6 months because “they love their Aus[sie] fans and it’ll be a priority for them.” He has also confirmed that he is planning a tour for Swedish metal band In Flames.