Soundwave on Garbage cancellation in Sydney: “It was a tough decision”

UPDATE 26/2, 11AM: Garbage have apologised, again, for their cancelled Soundwave set with singer Shirley Manson telling fans at the band’s Sydney Sidewave that the situation was “completely out of their control.” Watch the video in full below:

ORIGINAL STORY: Soundwave festival promoter AJ Maddah has tweeted a statement about the cancellation of Garbage’s set at the festival Sydney yesterday and apologised for any vagueness or confusion about the late change to the schedule.

A tweet posted by Maddah yesterday as the festival frantically made new timetable arrangements suggested that the band had “refused” to reschedule their set, however Maddah has now clarified that comment. According to Maddah’s new statement Garbage actually worked closely with the festival promoters to reschedule the set and were “very sweet and gracious even when it became apparent that the show could not happen.”

Garbage have re-tweeted several of Maddah’s comments and expressed their condolences to fans. The band has also confirmed that all their remaining shows on the Soundwave tour will go ahead as scheduled.

About 70,000 people attended Soundwave in Sydney yesterday. Photos here, full report soon.

AJ Maddah’s statement:

“There seems to be a lot of confusion with the circumstances of Garbage not performing at SW in Sydney. My vagueness has probably not helped. As most of you are aware, we had issues with Pacific Highway flooding and a couple of AWOL trucks yesterday. This meant that Garbage could not get their equipment in time to play their scheduled set. We tried shuffling times, stages, etc and Garbage worked with us every step of the way, were very sweet and gracious even when it became apparent that the show could not happen. We offered to have the band play a late set as per Paramore but we were refused the option to have yet another stage run over time. It was a tough decision but we had to go with the one of the 2 bands. I made the decision based on a number of factors, including… Which band’s gear was definitely arriving by the 8pm cut off after which there wouldn’t be enough time to set up.”