Soundwave facing prosecution for “excessively” breaching volume restrictions

Claremont mayor Jock Barker recently declared that the Big Day Out “does nothing useful for the town” with fellow Claremont councillor Peter Browne echoing his anger by dismissing the festival as an “intolerable noise, [with a] late finish [and] high level of criminal activity.”

Now the Claremont mayor also has Soundwave in his sights. According a report in WA Today the festival “breached the volume restrictions “excessively” and the promoters are facing prosecution as a result”. Barker claims that people from as far away as Subiaco and Mosman Park had complained about the noise from Soundwave.

“It’s not just about the noise, it’s about the trashing of the town,” Barker explains. “We all like music, I grew up with rock and roll, but if people behaved themselves, and noise conditions weren’t breached, you wouldn’t hear a peep out of anybody… despite the best efforts of the staff to work with the RAS, promoters and other authorities the fact remains the impact on Claremont residents is unacceptable and is not getting any better… We get consistently ignored in terms of what we require by Big Day Out and Soundwave.”