Soundwave 2013 ticket price update


Soundwave 2013 tickets will set you back $195.85, or $198.20 if you live in Perth, including booking and postage fees. Tickets for the festival earlier this year were $155 plus booking fees and postage.

Earlier this month festival’s boss AJ Maddah had announced that the tickets would be “more expensive… not sure [how much more] as I can’t remember what tickets were last year. I think they were $140 last year… Next year will be $160 + GST + less tix agency rip offs than this year”. He suggested that the tickets would be then “predicted that Soundwave 2013 tickets would be roughly $187 including booking fees. Maddah now says that the the $187 figure covered all fees and that Soundwave “absorbed transaction fees but apparently not credit card fees and processing or some bullshit. Don’t talk to me about booking fees. Sneaky bastards :(”

The ticket prices also include a transport levy of “around $2.20” if you’re heading to the festival in Perth or Sydney which covers your public transport to and from the event.

Pre-sale tickets will go on sale on Wednesday 15th August and if there are any tickets left after the presale, they will go on sale a week after that. There’ll be a four ticket max for presale which will be staggered over several days for punters in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The Adelaide and Perth presales will be same day. There’ll be a two ticket max for the general on sale.

Maddah has said that the impressive lineup is “a one off for Soundwave’s ten year anniversary”, that “there is no precedent for this kind of line-up” and that “next year will return to normal.” According to his comments on Twitter the final Soundwave lineup including the huge drawcards Metallica, Linkin Park and Blink-182 “will cost approx $36M net of GST”. For what it’s worth, Crikey reported last year that “according to [an] insider” the Splendour 2011 lineup would have cost about $15-16 million and that the six shows on the Big Day Out tour would costs about $25 million.

Despite the hefty ticket price Maddah has declared that he will be amazed if the East Coast shows do not sell out instantly and plans to announce the second round of the lineup before tickets go on sale to the general public.

There are no VIP tickets available for the festivals as Maddah says: “I hate that shit. Everyone buying a ticket to SW deserve equal respect and facilities. As far as I am concerned, everyone attending SW deserves a VIP experience.”