Soundwave 2013 maps; more timetable updates

UPDATE: 22/2/13 – New versions of the Soundwave timetables have been released.

The maps and a new set of timetables for the 2013 edition of Soundwave Festival have been released.

With nine performance areas to fit on the sprawling festival grounds the walk between stages could force you to make a few changes to your plans for the day. Can you really risk making a quick dash to catch a band on stage two before heading to stage one and finding a good position to watch your favourite band?

Soundwave have also tweaked the timetables again – there are three different versions of the official set times in some cities – however, festival boss AJ Maddah is still promising to make additional changes. To avoid missing any of your must see acts make sure to check the timetables on the morning of the shows to familiarise yourself with the most up-to-date schedules.

Although the first bands aren’t due to play until 11am Maddah has indicated on Twitter that the gates to the festival grounds will open at 10am.

There’s still no word from Maddah or the official Soundwave page about why Flogging Molly isn’t on the timetable for Perth, but the date is not on the band’s official website so it does seem as though they won’t be making their way out west.

It appears that a 73-band lineup that includes Metallica, Linkin Park, Blink 182 and Slayer doesn’t cause enough scheduling clashes for Soundwave festival. So hidden among the set-time details for the nine stages there’s a “special guest” scheduled to play a 40-minute set on the festival’s third stage in Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide. Check out FL’s mystery guest predictions here.

Brisbane map and timetable:

Sydney map and timetable:

Melbourne map and timetable:

Adelaide map and timetable:

Perth map and timetable: