Soundwave 2013 lineup announcement updates


Update: 3rd August

The first round of the Soundwave 2013 lineup will be announced on Wednesday 8th August.

Soundwave festival boss AJ Maddah has announced that lineup, which is due for release by “Mid-Aug”, will feature “about 50 [acts] give or take”. However that will very likely be followed by additional announcements in the leadup to the festival. The final Soundwave 2012 lineup boasted over 90 acts, however Maddah has also announced that “SW13 will see some bands doing long sets” so the lineup won’t be quite as lengthy next year.

Echoing his “claims last month that there will be a “5% to 7% rise in concert and festival tickets with the introduction of the carbon tax, Maddah has also confirmed that tickets for Soundwave 2013 will be more expensive than this year’s tickets. “It will be more expensive,” he revealed. “not sure [how much more] as I can’t remember what tickets were last year. I think they were $140 last year.” Tickets for the festival earlier this year were $155 plus booking fees and postage.

Explaining the difference in the ticket costs between Soundwave and the Warped tour in America (which features a lineup this year including All Time Low, Falling in Reverse, The Used, Yellowcard, New Found Glory, Of Mice & Men) Maddah says that “SW headliners cost in the millions in comparison! Warped tour has bands that get paid on average $500 a show and travel/live in vans and buses. also minimum wage is $5/hr in The US. Here we have to pay up to $60/hr for uneducated fucktards to fail at basic jobs. Not to mention that 10% goes straight to Gov in GST [in Australia].”

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