Soundwave 2013 – early clues

Update – 28th May:

Due to the huge number of hints that Soundwave boss AJ Maddah has dropped on Twitter we’ve had to start a second collection of the clues. Check out all the latest news here

It’s probably (almost certainly) a little too early for Soundwave 2013 rumours but the first act for next year’s festival has already been confirmed – via a bit of post tour cancellation tweeting.

So inspired by that very early confirmation we’ve decided to have a quick look to see if festival boss AJ Maddah has offered up any other early hints about the lineup he’s working on to top Slipknot, System of a Down, Limp Bizkit and the rest of the 2012 gang.

Yes, it does feel as though Soundwave has only just finished storming its way around the country. And yes, Soundwave 2013 is roughly nine months away and certainly not due to be announced anytime soon – it’s not like the festival needs to make a ridiculously early announcement and get the tickets on sale before the hype wears off like a certain boy-band fad. But it probably (almost certainly) won’t surprise you to find that the Twitter addicted Maddah has already commented on some of the bands that we can rule out and others he’s looking at booking for the festival (or for other upcoming Soundwave touring dates) so let’s take a look at those hints.

Several bands including the perennially requested favourites Rage Against the Machine, Ramstein and Weezer have already been ruled out, as have Refused, Def Leppard and Good Charlotte. While tours from Falling in Reverse, Gaslight Anthem, Architects, Ghost and Gogol Bordello plus return visits from Soundwave 2012 acts Limp Bizkit and Mastodon are all on the cards.

Soundwave 2013 dates:

And we can expect announcements are coming soon:

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