Soundwave 2013 clues – part three

Soundwave festival boss AJ Maddah loves to chat with his Twitter followers and drop a few clues about the festival lineup and some of the other tours he and his team are working on. Knowing this we decided to keep tabs on Maddah’s tip off and ‘clues’ to help us play the annual Soundwave lineup guessing game.

That game no longer has an off-season and Maddah has already dropped will over two hundred tweets of Soundwave info that have helped confirm or rule out a stack of bands. Basically we’ve been digging through AJ’s tweets to find the good stuff so that you don’t have to read his reviews of various football teams, airline services, food, books and super hero movies. (Although if you’re really interested in that stuff – AJ’s a fan of The Avengers, jerk chicken, Milan Kundera and seems to have a terrible time on international flights.)

For the stuff you really care about check out Soundwave 2013 – early clues and Soundwave 2013 – more early clues.

And for the latest comments, clues and news – read on.

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