Sounds Like Chicken – Take A Bullet To The Grave/El Chupanebre

Sounds Like Chicken have been hittin’ the road, punishing their tour bus hard up and down the east coast for a long time now and if you haven’t had the opportunity to see them live you’re really missin’ out! They are renowned for their high energy intense stage presence of true punk/ska/rock!

Now when I say punk/ska/rock I’m not talking about that half baked, whining noise that bands of today produce as they claim to be punk. Sounds Like Chicken create a sound unique unto themselves that is full on and worthy of being compared to bands such as Rocket From The Crypt, The Mad Caddies and the like.

I was quite pleased when the band announced the new double a-side would include Take a Bullet to the Grave and El Chupanebre as they are two of my favourite songs to see live!

Take a Bullet to the Grave is a perfect fusion of punk/ska at its best. The first thing you notice from the moment Dave starts belting out the tunes is how tight the band really are. From shredding guitars to the astounding horns, not forgetting the tempo of the rhythm section! A special mention has to go to Mike on drums for someone so young he tears into the drums like a machine!

You can feel the passion within the lyrics as Dave sings about shattered relationships and broken hearts! A real catchy tune that will have you screaming ‘HEY!’ along in time with the band in true punk form!

El Chupanebre (Lesser of Two Evils) on the other hand is a sizzling, smoking track that tells the tale of a creature that terrorises mutants… This time the kudos goes out to the horn section as they pump out an unrelenting barrage. Nyall goes ballistic pumping out thrashcore vocals in between barnstorming sessions on the trombone while Nat breaks it up a little with a resounding solo on trumpet with a little help from Joel on sax. Listening to this little ditty makes you wanna stamp your feet and raise your fist in the air as you sing/yell along with the lyrics.

To top it all off the b-side Carla Foresees a Bleak Future offers a glimpse at what Sounds Like Chicken have in the works for future releases. They’re not resting on their laurels after their first full length album that’s for sure!

Nat and Dave combine their vocal efforts along with their amazing skill on guitar to provide yet another killer track!

For anyone into either ska, punk and or rock, do yourself a favour and check out this double a-side from one of Australia’s fastest up and coming kick arse, no holds barred outfit from Victoria, you wont be disappointed!