Sons of the Soil, Eden Must Burn, My Killing Hands, Stone Chimp @ The Jubilee, Brisbane, 11/03/2011

The Star Bar is upstairs at the Jubilee Hotel, it is small and quaint but does not provide performing bands with adequate room to do what they do best. I believe the modest stage, attributed to the downfall of sound quality of the evening. Nevertheless, all the bands did what the could and managed to please the crowd.

Stone Chimp succeeded in keeping punters happy with their interesting, flowing compositions. While vocalist, Jon, was extremely strong and energetic in delivery, it was hard to catch a glimpse of him from behind the speakers.

Stone Chimp are not of the easy-listening genre but are easy to listen to in their smart, catchy and well thought out songs. I especially enjoyed their slow song Never Let Go, a beautiful, heartfelt rendition of love and looking deep within yourself. This surprisingly unique, up and coming band were an enjoyment to listen to.

The next band on the bill My Killing Hands, were unfortunately overshadowed by bad mixing. It was a shame that they were overrun with excessively loud music and feedback that left my ears ringing.

On the positive side, their presence was dramatic, variable and fascinating with an anger that is driven from the deepest, darkest depths of their inner souls. Darren McCullagh sounded like Eddie Vedder in his delivery of Nothing, and his adaptable repertoire over-shone the audio glitches of the evening.

Bouncy drum beats, solid creation and a great formation of band members equals an alternative of hard, fast and moving delivery. My Killing Hands, obviously enjoyed playing their own music and teeter on the edge of hardcore but with additional flair and exuberance. They performed for the first time, their new song Hallucinate Love and I recommend you listen to the last song of their set, Stalker.

A humorous and charismatic five piece unit, Eden Must Burn were enthusiastic in their delivery of Gone. They have a mature edge and are well crafted which shows in their great timing and knowledge of what each others’ roles are. I enjoyed the antics of Jay and his sunglasses on, off routine. Eden Must Burn channeled the essence of Tool, which belted through my head with gusto. Alas, more feedback hindered their set.

Stoner, hard rock band Sons of the Soil are a “loose band” of collaborative well known other Brisbane bands. The lead singer introduced his individual members as something rhyming as punts. Fun and love of music is what Sons of the Soil were about.

Their first song _Prime _left a lasting magical impression. Choice guitar finger movements, soft beginnings and hard endings of power and strength. The lead singer smoked on stage, fell on the speakers and generally enjoyed himself. Sons of the Soil didn’t take themselves seriously and are about having fun while playing hard.