Sons of Rico @ The Rosemount (12/11/10)

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It was an exciting night for Sons of Rico with the launch of their debut album Reactions at the Rosemount Hotel on Friday night and they had a super superb support line-up in Boys Boys Boys, Luna Parade and Sonpsilo Circus. The night was abuzz from start to finish, with a packed Friday night Rosie having the crowd’s attention from the get-go.

First band up, Sonpsilo Circus with their authentic sounding psychedelic rock provided a treat that had you wondering wether perhaps someone had slipped you some acid on your way in. The three-piece band engaged the already semi-full room with their 60’s inspired style of rock with signs of Indian influences and mantric melodies. Their music took us back in time and space and you’d be forgiven for looking around expecting to see Jimi Hendrix, staring intensely at the lights and carpet, somewhere near to you. The band gave 110% with sweat dripping from all of them by the end. Vocalist/guitarist Peter Gower (Young Revelry) is a mini-Hendrix in many ways – but these guys hold their own unique style with confidence.

Luna Parade brought a more serious garage rock sound to the stage with their hypnotising blend of powerful drum beats, rhythmic guitar and bass, with powerful solid lead and backing vocals. Creating sexual tension between themselves and the crowd with their masculine style of rock and roll mixed with crooning vocals, reminiscent to that of Kings of Leon at times.

Following Luna Parade was a total contrast in style to the previous bands; six-piece Boys Boys Boys had the crowd wrapped around their little fingers instantly. Three hot chicks (and three spunky boys) with their style of sparkly electro pop, created a packed floor of willing dancers ready to party. Anyone who hadn’t seen Boys Boys Boys before was in for a treat. The three sexy sirens of the group swapped between lead vocals whilst performing a spectacular Aerobics Oz Style dance routine synchronized to their lyrics. The band partied out on stage and the theme of the night was fun, fun, fun! For their last song, eager crowd members were invited to the stage for their own five minutes of fame.

The band of the night, Sons of Rico arrived and it was clear from the number of eager fans this album launch has been long awaited by all. Their popularity continued to soar with every passing second as ‘the Sons’ beat out their polished indie rock. The band were swinging the pendulum between rock and pop depending on the song, but every member of the crowd was pumped with excitement to rock out with the band. Every instrument, every vocal, was delivered with professionalism and style. Playing hit after hit (or soon to be hit) from their new album and only seeming to rip it up even more as the night went on.

These boys belong on stage, they’ve got the attitude, they’ve got the look, and most importantly they’ve got the sound. Consider this album launched!

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