Something For Kate – Leave Your Soul To Science

Something For Kate’s sixth studio album after a hiatus lasting as many years sees them expertly navigate the line between their old sound and a fresh direction. Leave Your Science To Science has a punchier, more expansive feel, where the droning and jangly guitars synonymous with their previous works have been replaced by sparkly synths and other electronic flourishes, creating a more rich and dense affair.

‘Star-Crossed Citizens’ signals the new change by opening with some driven, yet contained electro-infused chaos. But single, ‘Survival Expert’ is where the album really peaks. It’s propelled by Paul Dempsey’s distinctive falsetto and a searing hook: “You’re right/You’re always right.” It’s a big, chiming number and a vibe that continues into ‘The Kids Will Get The Money’. The group’s biggest experiment is ‘The Fireball At The End Of Everything’, a stormy track with electronic drums that strike and stutter along before the band regroup with the reflective ballad ‘Begin’.

Something For Kate are a little older and certainly wiser, offering an emotional and introspective record where Dempsey’s obtuse lyrics come wrapped up in a polished, relatable and up-tempo musical package. They sound creative, revitalised and, most of all, happy.