Snowman call it quits

According to a report on Mess + Noise Perth noise rockers Snowman have called it a day.

The news comes via online magazine, who interviewed the band’s singer Joe McKee last week. In the interview McKee reveals that: “Ross and Olga have moved to Iceland and they’re having a child and they’re focussing on that so were not really a band anymore.”

Mess + Noise confirmed the news with the band’s local label Dot Dash/Remote Control who will be “posthumously” releasing Snowman’s new record Absence later this year. As reported in November, the new record was written over two years in ten different countries. And in what now seems to be an indicator of things to come, Mckee said of Absence at the time ”[it is about]tearing yourself away from the things you love in order to do just that…move on. It’s about not turning into this thing that you have created. Keeping that distance. Killing the myth.”