Snoop “shut down” by Melbourne Fire Brigade

Snoop has been many things in his life – a Dogg, a Lion, a Zilla – but as it turns out, all he ever really wanted to be was a fireman.

Currently in Melbourne for the Big Day Out Snoop posted some photos of himself on Instagram posing with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade in his hotel room this morning, with the caption “Fire Dept Shut It Down”. While fans were quick to jump to the conclusion that Snoop and his entourage had been involved in a blaze, it turns out that the incident didn’t occur in the rapper’s hotel room – he simply wanted to snap a selfie with some firies.

FL spoke with MFB South Melbourne Senior Station Officer Trevor Bowen who confirmed that he had been called to a hotel in the city earlier today, and while it ended up being a false alarm all the commotion just happened to grab the attention of one S.Dogg who was staying in the building. “While we were there a very famous guy said to us that he had always wanted to be a firefighter and he asked us if he could get a photo with us, and of course we knew who it was, and we obliged,” Bowen explained.

“He said he was out for the Big Day Out, very nice, very friendly, and if you didn’t know who he was you’d just think he was a normal guy who was having a really happy chat with us,” Bowen says. While Bowen admitted he is a “bit older” than Snoop’s usual fanbase he said his kids were impressed with the celebrity run in.

“When I sent a photo to my kids they were pretty amazed and there have been a few people contact us because Snoop actually posted it on his social media” he continued, reiterating that Snoop was safe and sound. “He’s ok, he’s fine and the coolest part of it was that he asked us for a photo of which we gladly obliged and then we took some ourselves… I might have to ask him to stop stalking me at this rate.”

While Snoop may have shizzled the MFB’s dizzle this morning, Bowen said its important to remember there is also a serious side to fire safety: “This is an opportune time to make sure you have a correctly fitted, working smoke alarm in your room.”