Snakadaktal, Elizabeth Rose @ Transit Bar, Canberra (22/03/2012)

Transit Bar was abuzz for a Thursday night, when two of triple j’s Unearthed alumni showcased how far they’ve come in the last six months to an eager Canberra crowd.

Several punters were disappointed at the door to find that tickets for the show had sold out. The young crowd inside were to be disappointed as well when it was discovered that Canberran favourites Pocket Fox were unable to play – a Facebook status indicated that they had the plague.

The room had filled to almost capacity as the diminutive Elizabeth Rose started her set. Right from the start, the crowd were hit with a solid bass-driven electronic beat that got everyone moving. It’s when Elizabeth Rose starts to sing however, that her real talent is revealed. A soaring, solid and confident voice from someone so young. Her keyboard playing was mixed with pre-produced samples, with the expertise of a veteran. One got the feeling from her performance that big things are in Elizabeth’s future, having been plucked from relative obscurity to feature in triple j’s Next Crop for 2012.

A remix of Flight Facilities was a crowd favourite, and her recent single Ready was received well. She absolutely nailed the set and it was an excellent way to start the night as the crowd started to push forward.

Fitting five band members onto the tiny Transit stage is always a challenge, but Snakadaktal seemed to manage it quite easily. The winners of triple j’s 2011 Unearthed High appeared relaxed and professional as they launched into their set. Their sound is best described as chilled. It’s easy to lose yourself in the dreamy landscape of music that they create and the stripped back sound you hear on their recordings is ever-present in their live show. So much so, that at times you are hoping for a bit more sound and life in the performance. Their stage presence is under-stated, but acceptable from ‘kids’ that are only just of legal drinking age.

The crowd reacted enthusiastically to Hottest 100 favourite Air, with the refrain ringing loudly throughout the bar. The vocals of Phoebe and Sean complemented each other well as they took turns at the mic throughout the set. Coincidentally (or not), their sound is reminiscent of the band Air with the trance-like, soaring melodies.

Although their set was short, it was probably the right length for their style of music. There is certainly a bucket-load of talent and potential in this band and selling out venues on their current tour seems to indicate that they have a solid following. It will be of great interest to this reviewer to see how Snakadaktal progress, because they have certainly started strongly.

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