Smitty & B.Goode – We’ll Take It From Here

Smitty & B.Goode are two unemployed, but very busy boys. After two full length records, years of solid touring, including support slots with Black Joe Lewis and the Hard Ons , the duo have found the time to knock out eight minutes worth of their best tunes on the EP, We’ll Take It From Here.

For such a short little EP it packs plenty of wallop. Each terse rock and roll explosion is lacking any fat giving the minimal instrumentation maximum impact. While there is plenty of punch, there isn’t too much aggression, the boys instead relying on a ‘60s feel good sound. Guitars groove on surfer riffs with just the right balance of gain and reverb, while the drums seem to work overtime filling out the track without becoming an exercise in showmanship.

The very nature of them being a duo act runs the risk of them being unfairly lumped in with buzz bands Bleeding Knees Club and DZ Deathrays, but they are beyond the washed out sneering of the former and avoid the intensity of the latter. Smitty & B.Goode move in for the kill with immediacy and, due to the EP’s vibrant live feel, a great deal of intimacy. This feeling the record provides, like you are right in the room with them, helps the songs last longer than other disposable guitar pop. You feel like you’re part of the gang; like at any moment you too could say “fuck it,” quit your job and just go surfing.

There is a certain familiarity to each song but before you know it it’s over and you find yourself spinning it again, just to hear the moments of carefree bliss they have captured. It’s short, sweet and summery and will inspire you to not do a great deal of anything and, with these cold months ahead, that might just be what we need.