Slayer: playing with an orchestra is “masturbation”

In a backstage interview at Soundwave, Slayer guitarist Kerry King has mocked Metallica for masturbating with an orchestra and dismissed the ‘Big Four’ tag.

In the interview for Soundwave TV, which was posted online this week, presenter Christina Rowatt asks the band “Would you ever do some sort of crazy rock opera or anything really mental like that, or is that lame?” prompting King to laugh and declare that “when you play with an orchestra, you’re just masturbating yourself, and saying, ‘We’re king of the world. Let’s go play with an orchestra.’ Sorry, Metallica, but, unfortunately, you did that. There’s so many bands that do it just… It’s just masturbation, man. It was good before that.”

King also commented on the band’s membership of the Big Four of thrash metal – alongside Megadeth, Anthrax and musical masturbators Metallica – noting that the tag diminishes the contribution of bands such as Exodus, Testament and Machine Head to the genre. “I wouldn’t ourselves the ‘Big Four’ now,” King explains, “I think [the term ‘Big Four’] is dated, because at the time we were the ‘Big Four,’ and now to say it… It’s like, ‘Well, what about these other bands?’ And I’m like, ‘I didn’t make this up. I’m just part of it.”

Watch the full interview: