Simpsons themed doom duo Dr. Colossus have dropped a nuclear video clip for their Smithers and Burns love song ‘Excellent’

Australia’s leading Simpsons-inspired doom metal duo Dr. Colossus have released a video clip for their latest single ‘Excellent’, which is of course an anthem celebrating the love between Waylon Smithers and Charles Montgomery Burns.

“‘Excellent’ is a love song from the point of view of a loyal assistant to his frail boss in the backdrop of a nuclear power plant,” the pair explain. “It’s our most sensitive track to date, exploring the idea that love transcends everything… even a bleak apocalyptic future or a nuclear meltdown.” Release the hounds of love and watch the premiere below.

The single is the followup to their diss-track ‘Stupid Sexy Flanders.’, which was released back in August just days after the  Ned Flanders inspired metal crew Okilly Dokilly exploded all over the internet with the power of a rogue t-shirt cannon.

Dr Colossus will be launching ‘Excellent’ with a run of dates that kicks off on Halloween at Tolmie in north-eastern Victoria alongside Peep Tempel. The tour also includes dates in Adelaide, Warrnambool, Melbourne , Sydney and a set at the River Rocks festival in Geelong on a bill that also features sets from Cosmic Psychos, The Meanies and The Cassanovas. Check out the dates below.

Dr. Colossus’ ‘Excellent’ tour

Saturday, October 31 – Lawsfest, Tolmie
Friday, November 6 – Edinburgh Castle, Adelaide
Saturday, November 7 – The Loft, Warrnambool
Friday, November 20 – The Workers Club, Melbourne
Saturday, November 21 – River Rocks Festival, Geelong
Friday, November 27 – Waywards At The Bank Hotel, Sydney

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