Short Stack have broken up

Strap on a black arm band, light some candles and put your copy of This Is Bat Country on rotation – Short Stack have broken up.

The pop-punk punching bags who shot to number one in the Aussie charts back in 2009 with their debut Stack Is the New Black , have today announced they are no more.

Vocalist Shaun Diviney posted the following message out to the band’s 166,732 Facebook fans earlier this morning:

As you may be aware, stack is no more. To everyone who has supported the band in any way, i cannot thank you enough. From the ones who told their friends about us to the ones who camped out before shows. For me, since the band started when I was 15, it’s always been about the music I wrote and how it eff…ected people. The greatest feeling was you singing my words back at a show, living with the albums and letting something I created be a part of your lives. These times will be some of the best of my life with the boys/the crew and we still remain the closest friends.

But the show must go on. If you try to recapture yesterday you will only lose tomorrow. I am starting work on my next project which is honestly the best thing I have ever done. I’m falling in love with music all over again, feeling a fire I haven’t in years. I’m heading over to LA / NY mid year to write and do music, working with artists I love & enjoying life but most importantly i feel it’s time to START something again.

See you on the road soon.

The unexpected news has caused an internet uproar among the Stack’s fans. Here are some of the most devastated Stacker’s reactions:

“Well .. i didn’t expect that.. brb, while i think of all the money i wasted :/”

“No way yh guys have to be jokin yh guys cant break up :( :( yh music will live on “

“i am actully shakin and cryuing cause i cant belive this :’( what the hell”

One person who won’t be typing a sad face emotion upon hearing the news though is rapper 360, who last year ranted in a Youtube message: “Every time I hear a Short Stack song I want to chop off my cock and throw it into heavy traffic on a freeway…Fuck Short Stack…whenever I hear a Short Stack song I want to slit a baby lambs throat and throw it into a minefield.”

Well, there is nothing much left for us to say except, RIP SHORT STACK. FML. ROFL. BRB PLS! :-(