Shihad @ Rosemount Hotel, Perth (26/11/10)

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New Zealand power house Shihad rocked around to a sold out Rosemount hotel to unleash their brand of hard edged rock n roll last Friday night. Kiwi ex-pats and flannelette were the order of the evening. Storming the stage just after 11, the stacks turned up to 11, and the boys came out a little subdued; opening with slower, new album Ignite opener The Final Year of the Universe.

The pace was lifted with break neck speed with My Mind’s Sedate and a brilliant rendition of anthem The General Electric, indeed, it felt good to be alive. Jon Toogood was on song, rising up on the front barrier and swinging from the stage lights to get a little closer to the front punters, who were going rather mental.

Lead or Follow and Run were dished out to everyone’s delight, I’m a Void had Tom Larkin pounding the skins with ferocious force, he was well on song all show, actually all members of Shihad kept it tight all night, except for a few mix ups with backing tracks on occasions – but nothing to hinder the performance.

Shihad exited and Pacifier entered without many in the crowd noticing, to roll out Comfort Me which was one of Toogood’s more telling moments of vocal ability, a sweaty, smelly (the Rosemount reeked) crowd sang as one whilst Toogood once again clung to roof monitors to get a closer look at the crowd.

The band thanked one and all before blasting out Sleep Eater as the final song for the evening, until of course the obligatory exit/enter encore (why do bands persist with this?). The rolling, sluggish intro to Pacifier had the crowd slowly swaying like comatose moshing fembots, leading into the blistering distortion that signalled the night’s end.

It was a great performance with the only real downer of the night being the exclusion of Wait And See and greatest hit Home Again, but apart from that Shihad are back and ready to Ignite a fire under all who care to listen.

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