Shape up for new club launch

A fistful of top bands and DJs will turn out to launch Shape, a new club night in East Perth at the end of the month.

Vicarious Bliss, Ed Banger, Sabre Tooth Tigers, Sex Panther, Ichi the Killer and Boys Boys Boys will front up at the club’s opening night on November 30, while DJs Petrosex, Party Club, Brendan Jay, Rex Monsoon, Select, Teknotron and Pencil will join Alex from Chicks on Speed to take the party through to the small hours of December 1.

And the following night, December 1, Modular will host the Bang Gang Deejays, while Gerling bring their ELF DJ set to Shape. Also lining up are Electric Limosine, Voltaire Twins, Tomas Ford, Amensia Effect, Melt and Future Frog, while Brendan Jay, Petrosex and Rex Monsoon will return for a second night.

Tickets for the opening night are $10 at the door on November 30 while door sales for December 1 are $10 before 11pm and $15 thereafter. Shape takes place at 237 Hay Street in East Perth.

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