Sevendust on Soundwave 2014: “We didn’t cancel, they just couldn’t pay us”

Sevendust dropped off the lineup for Soundwave Festival early last year in a move that festival boss AJ Maddah described as “pissweek”. But the nu metal crew from Atlanta maintain that they were forced off the lineup due to the festival’s financial issues.

In an interview with Heavy Mag ahead of their tour in March next year, drummer Morgan Rose has said that the band stood to lose $70,000 by touring with Soundwave in 2014 and that other attempts to tour have also created issues for the band.

“The people deserve to know” Rose explains. “The situation was that we never cancelled. That’s the main thing about it. We never cancelled Australia and instead, it’s usually just been taken away from us. It’s usually been someone saying ‘thanks, but no thanks’, or ‘you can’t come now, we can’t pay you from our budget unless you have $100K to pay for yourselves’. It’s always been weird. Then [Soundwave] announced ‘Sevendust cancel their Australian tour’ and it’s just been shit, because we didn’t cancel, they just couldn’t pay us.”

The band’s guitarist John Connolly also spoke about the issue in a letter to their fans published shortly after the band dropped off the festival lineup early last year. The singer claimed that the band reached out to Maddah “simply asking for help”, to which the promoter had allegedly responded with a blunt email that read: “No more money….you’re cancelled”.

Sevendust will tour Australia in March playing shows in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and on the Gold Coast. Head to Metropolis touring for more information.