Seeker Lover Keeper – Seeker Lover Keeper

Three of Australia’s most gifted female singer-songwriters. Together, Holly Throsby, Sally Seltmann, and Sarah Blasko form Seeker Lover Keeper, one the country’s brightest super-groups, whose self-titled debut provides all the class, elegance, and sweetness in folksy pop that you’d hope for.

Blasko powers the lovely ballad, Bring Me Back, her searching, emotional vocals making for one beautiful opener. Starting off with a minimal acoustic strum, the atmosphere is soon set by an array of divine harmonies, as Blasko’s spotlight presence croons a solemn sweetness. Light All My Lights picks up the pace, in a clap-driven, up-beat pop number that sees Blasko as the leader again, attaching her elegance to Throsby’s beautifully crafted lyrics.

The latter’s turn for centre stage arrives via Even Though I’m A Woman. Throsby adds a different polish to Seeker Lover Keeper in comparison to Blasko, her smokier voice contains a conflicting purpose, a kind of toughened fragility, and it’s optimistic and assuring in this piano-led tale of a long distance relationship beginning to unfold.

Blasko returns to the fray with one of the highlights of the album, Bridges Burned. Her passive, but flawless approach only adds to the atmosphere that’s been progressing with the album so far. Opening with lush harmonies, before Blasko’s infectious, candid voice bounces alongside some sweetly jangled keys, it’s this track that depicts how wonderfully well the trio’s voices work together, regardless of who’s taking the lead.

Rely On Me shakes things up a bit, with its electronic based rhythms, breaking away from the folk-pop sounds that served them so well until this point. Luckily they pull it off, as the clever vocal layering and ponderous lyrics add a welcome change of pace. Theme I gets the album back on direction in an adventurous, almost story-esque manner, that’ll have your foot gently tapping as you listen.

The bass-guided Everytime, gives Sally Seltmann another chance after a shaky first attempt during On My Own. Her vocals are strong, and soaring, matching some gorgeous lyrics. Just like in other tracks, she’s backed perfectly by the remaining two, while some powerful drum-work from Jim White (Dirty Three) gives the song that extra kick.

Although a bit rockier than you’d expect, the album begins to wind down with Going To Sleep with rolling drums, and bluesy keys clash against Throsby’s calming voice. While Rest Your Head On My Shoulders is the fitting finale, as all three take turns on lead vocals in a sing-a-along type fashion in this endearing ballad.

Seeker Lover Keeper harmonious debut, is a triumphant one, as Blasko, Throsby, and Seltmann manage to bring all of the unique individual traits to the table and combine them into a charming collective who’s live renditions are sure to be breathtaking.