Screamfeeder @ The Edinburgh Castle, Adelaide (05/06/09)


So I’ll admit it: I was scared. Screamfeeder were a band I grew up with, became friends with, and cherished like no other in this country. Some bands have managed to fill the void a little ( The Devoted Few being one of them, as I’m sure anyone who knows me will attest to), but there’s only ever been one Screamfeeder, and they’re MY band. Not in a sense of ownership, I always wanted them to get HUUUUUUUUGE, but more in the sense that there wasn’t a thing about them I didn’t connect to and fall in love with. Fill Yourself With Music was always my favourite album (it was my first, and there’s always something special about the first time you hear a truly great band), but Kitten Licks knocked it out of the park. Why Dart wasn’t as big as Berlin Chair, I’ll never understand. People can lament about Wrote You Off, but it doesn’t touch the catchiness and perfect off-kilter indie pop of the first single off Kitten Licks. And then the next few singles were just as great. The opening three tracks still send shivers down my spine all these years later. So to say I was anxious is a bit of an understatement. Fortunately Screamfeeder killed, and not one person left the Ed Castle dissatisfied (well, apart from the people shouting for Wrote You Off, maybe!).

You could smell the anticipation in the air (and the testosterone, although there was a healthy female contingent), and Antony of the Future kicked off with a great little set of bouncy power-pop tunes that no one appears to play anymore. What’s wrong with power-pop? It’s catchy, and you can shake your arse to it. What more do you want? Singalong choruses, cool little guitar licks, these guys are quickly becoming my fave local band to go and see (sorry Keepsakes). If you can imagine Sebadoh’s Bakesale crossed with Ratcat’s Blind Love, I don’t think you’d be far off the mark. Check them out if you get the chance. You’ll see me at the front with a beer in hand.

Then came the juggernaut that is No Through Road. I’ve never really connected with these guys, and I just couldn’t put my finger on why. I mean, I love Pavement, but NTR have always been just a little bit TOO loose for my liking. However, I think that’s always been their intention. Self-effacing and all that. However, in the recent months, they appear to be much tighter than before, and have a bunch of songs I couldn’t help but shake my butt to. I bought a CD, so I guess that says enough!

What can I say about Screamfeeder? It was everything I wanted and more. All of Kitten Licks got an airing, including several B-Sides. They played both Hi-Cs and Triple Hook, to a great and loud reaction from the crowd. The drum fills were spot on, the harmonies were exuberant (and perfect!), and the energy onstage gave any band in the world a run for it’s money. This was a glimpse of a band at their finest, and they appeared humbled by the love that was being thrown their way. Most, if not all, of the lyrics were sung loudly by the audience, a sign of a beloved band. It was hard to take the smile off my face the next day. Now how about a new album?