Scissor Sisters return to Australian in September

New York glam-queens the Scissor Sisters have announced a return to Australia’s shores this September for three shows, but if you’re thinking of heading to the shows please remember the lesson we all learned from Dave Grohl: Don’t get too close to the action.

In 2010 a visibly upset Grohl explained that he was suing Scissor Sisters label, management, wardrobe department, the venue, Ticketmaster, for $75 million dollars, following a traumatic incident at a recent concert. As Grohl tearfully explained: “Jake Shears took off his clothes and I saw his testicles.”

Since the shocking incident, Grohl has suffered from flashbacks, panic, anxiety, chills and explosive diarrhea. “Every time I close my eyes, every time I blink my eyes, I see Jake’s nuts… is $75 million dollars going to erase that from my life; probably not.” Grohl wants Scissor Sisters fans to know that he’s a fan too, declaring that he loves the Scissor Sisters: “I think they’re a brilliant band and they’re amazing live. I just don’t want Jake’s balls in my face.”

Scissor Sisters have appeared in Australia several times, most recently with Splendour in 2010 and as part of the Pyramid festival lineup that welcomed the beginning of 2012.

Scissor Sisters tour:

Tuesday 25 September – The Arena, Brisbane

Wednesday 26 September- Hamer Hall, Melbourne

Thursday 27 September – Opera House Concert Hall, Sydney