Sarah McLeod – Private School Kid

The second single off her debut solo album Beauty Was A Tiger, Private School Kid explores a ‘swingin rockabilly tune’ that most people never expected or thought capable from Sarah McLeod.

The very catchy vocal melodies are Sarah at her best and most evident here making for a great duet with Chris Cheney of The Living End. Sarah mused, “I thought, hey Chris Cheney will like this song. It sounded like something he would sing. I was a bit nervous about asking him to do a duet with me because I thought he would say no, but he was up for it!”

At first I was a little dubious that Private School Kid was going in a direction that is very unlike Sarah, but after listening carefully it is easy to see she has developed significantly in her song writing skills, with the confidence to leave behind past glories and focus on what is the ‘rejuvenation of Sarah McLeod’.

The b-side Demolition Waltz gets back to the raw ‘take no prisoners’ sound from Sarah that we’re used to. A pulsating track blended with soft harmonies very reminiscent of The Superjesus’ last effort Rock Music. Written with Chris Peters, bass player in Detroit’s Electric Six, one can only look forward to what more may come from her forthcoming album Beauty Was a Tiger. If that wasn’t enough, the single’s enhanced features include a video clip and behind the scenes from the previous single Let’s Get Together. A very tongue in cheek, Billy Idol-esque clip that only the mischievous and fun lovin’ Sarah could get away with. I love it!

Private School Kid may not appeal to everyone but it definitely has a very catchy hook that will have Joe Public hanging out to hear on the radio over and over again.