San Cisco – Gracetown

Friends since early childhood, San Cisco share a bond that is reflected in the nostalgic cover art of second LP, Gracetown. Three years have passed since their self-titled debut and the indie-pop four-piece from Freo have definitely matured in that time.

Released on their own label, Island City Records, this maturity is largely a result of more freedom in the studio. Texturally more complex due to this sonic experimentation, the album is a charming and unexpected in equal measure. The opening few bars of first single ‘Run’ might seem to signal business as usual but on closer inspection, the lyrics reveal much darker themes.

Largely revolving around dissipating relationships, the songs move from anger to jealousy to heartbreak and finally to bitter acceptance. Vocally, drummer Scarlett Stevens has particularly grown in confidence. Her duet with leading man Jordi Davieson on ‘Super Slow’ showcases this vast improvement, while she takes the spotlight for the wistful ‘Magic’. The sweet, lilting ‘Skool’ takes a melancholy trip down memory lane, recalling a high-school breakup while the faster paced, ‘Too Much Time Together’ has a U.S. college/50s surf rock feel with gloomy undertones. But the highlight is ‘Just for a Minute’, which furthers the band’s exploration of funk/disco following the Hottest 100 success of their Like a Version cover of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’.

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