Ryan Adams says he’s finally planning to release one of his many “lost” albums

In the early years of the millennium Ryan Adams was basically the Prince of alt-country. Between 2000 and 2005 he released eight albums but during that incredibly prolific period almost as many records were abandoned; doomed to legend and bootlegs circulated by obsessive fans.

Now, in an interview with FL, Adams has revealed that he’s planning to release one of those near-mythical albums from his vault. “I think I’ve finally decided to release this record called Blackhole, that fans have been curious about for years, that has been hiding on the shelf,” Adams told Chris Familton. “I think I might release that, though I haven’t completely decided. It’s my own label, my own studio and my own rules so yeah, I’m open to releasing stuff that hasn’t come out but right now it’s about stuff I’ve been making in the last few years because there’s so much of it.”

Adams recorded Blackhole over Christmas in 2005 and has described the album as “a real serious effort to make a rock record, really epic and big … You listen to it and think, ‘My God, this guy is gonna die.’ That was the last record I made in the last days of the drugs.”

While his comments in the interview with FL are certainly promising, it’s not the first time Adams has suggested that the album could be nearing an official release. Back in 2010 he announced on Facebook that “after 4 years of production work we finished the infmous never-ending BLACKHOLE Record tonight! What a trip!” And back in 2007 he told Q magazine that the album would be included in a planned box set. The collection tentatively named 20:20 was also supposed to house other “lost” albums including The Suicide Handbook, 48 Hours, and The Pinkheart Sessions.

Ryan Adams’ upcoming self-titled album will be his 14th official album (not counting the records he released with Whiskeytown before going solo). The album is due for release on September 5 – listen to the lead single ‘Something Good’ below.

The full interview with Ryan Adams will be published on FL in the coming weeks.