Rumour watch: 30 Seconds To Mars splitting?

Recent 30 Seconds To Mars interviews have fuelled rumours that they are set to go on hiatus or even break up following their current tour.

Drummer Shannon Leto was asked about the rumours in an interview with MTV Canada and sarcastically explained that “We’ve been touring a long time man”, said “I mean, look at us. We’re broken down, sugar. We’re tired. We’ll probably just take a break for, I don’t know, we’ll take a break for ten years. Maybe fifteen or twenty years.”

Kurt Cobain impersonator Jared chipped in with the joke that “A decade always seems to take the edge off.”

The band hasn’t just been joking about a hiatus – in a recent interview with Kerrang Jared also suggested that This Is War could be the band’s last album.

“When I start a new record it ends up being a pretty involved affair; you need the time, energy and space to appropriately address it,” he explained, “We’re touring probably right until December. We’re talking about it right now, but you never know, there could not be another record. We’re not bound to continue walking down a path unless we’re really inspired to do so.”