Rivers Cuomo doesn’t hate us

In our recent 12 Reasons Not To Tour Australia feature, we speculated that the flight to Australia from Japan is just too daunting for Weezer. Not so, apparently.

Speaking with Triple J recently, geek pin-up Rivers Cuomo enthused: “I want to come to Australia so bad. We don’t have any plans at the moment but we’re going to Europe for the first time in a long time next summer and ahhh...we’ll see.”

The self-coined “providers of fine rock since 2002” have eluded Australia for many a year now. FasterLouder had some optimistic odds pinned on them for Big Day Out 2010, but to no avail.

Weezer’s seventh album Raditude is due for release in a matter of weeks, so we’ll have to content ourselves with that for now. But at least hope is not lost...