Resin Dogs return with massive third album

Those genre crossing subversives, Resin Dogs are planning a return to the Australian stage and airwaves next month when they unleash their massive groove drenched funked up third album – More.

The band have worked with Nextmen’s Brad Baloo to reveal a monster 14 track album that really flexes their musical muscles. Thanks to three years of solid touring nationally and internationally the Dogs have re-emerged stronger than ever – with this new album certain to impress fans.

With stunning contributions from the likes of Abstract Rude (US), Aceyalone, Mikah 9, Demolition Man (UK), and many others, the globe-trotting Dogs have created an album that really raises the bar.

Resin Dogs’ More Tracklisting

1) Coming With The Sound feat. Abstract Rude

2) End Game feat. Blue Rum 13

3) Definition feat. Mystro

4) Fat Cap

5) Fine Mess feat. YounGun

6) A Destructive Circle feat. Abstract Rude

7) Peace & Love feat. Demolition Man

8) Space Beats

9) Nasty feat. YounGun

10) Move Up

11) Thunder

12) Sex Cells feat. Mystro & Abstract Rude

13) Caught Up feat. Abstract Rude

14) Smoking In The darkness

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