Republican convention to feel the Rage

If it’s starting to seem like Rage Against The Machine’s extended comeback circuit is more about festival cash-ins than true dissident zeal, a certain show in September could really shake things up. Rolling Stone reports that the band is scheduled to play in Minneapolis while the Republican National Convention is going on nearby. Consummate timing.

We all remember when RATM decided to stage a free concert in 2000 outside the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where President Clinton was giving an address. Things did not go well. Demonstrators lit bonfires and threw rocks and bottles at police, who reacted with a heavy hand. And then there’s that little incident last weekend at Lollapalooza, where 70,000 hyped-up Rage fans went loco and caused several injuries. The Law Of Threes suggests we’ll be seeing a full-scale riot outside the Republican Convention.