Relax, Violent Soho are not breaking up

The Aus rock scene was thrown into a spin yesterday with the news that Violent Soho would be calling it a day after their Groovin’ The Moo performances next month.

In an interview with The West Australian, guitarist James Tidswell said that the shows would be their “last time playing indefinitely.”

“There is nothing booked after that, no album, we haven’t demoed any songs, we aren’t touring so that’s it… it’s been an amazing six years and it’s the end of this whole sort of ride really.”

The quotes spread like wildfire, with fans understandably more than a little upset at the news.

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Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 9.26.06 AM

After a couple of hours of panic, the band’s management jumped on it to set the record straight.

The band then confirmed it on social media:

Turns out, they’re not breaking up, rather just having a much-needed rest after touring hard as hell for the past six years. Let’s be real, you’d want a break too.

Now let’s all listen to ‘Covered In Chrome’ and forget this whole thing happened.

Photo credit: Kylie Keene/FasterLouder