Reggae tribute to Nirvana

The 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind hasn’t slipped quietly by – there’s the reissue of the album, the tribute covers record and there was an attempt to stage a series of tribute shows featuring the talents of John Paul Young’s son Danny Marx Young. And now reggae veteran Little Roy is gearing up to release his album of Nirvana covers, Battle for Seattle.

The reggae legend cut his first single at the legendary Studio One in 1965 and recorded Battle for Seattle with Wailers guitarist, Junior Marvin, producer Prince Fatty and other reggae stars in a style similar to that of The Easy Star All-Stars, who have released reggae versions of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and Radiohead’s OK Computer. Little Roy launched the album with a show in London and is set to appear at the upcoming Reading and Leeds festivals.

Little Roy admits he found it difficult to was a struggle getting to grips with the songs: “When I listened to the lyrics as [Cobain] sung them, I found it hard to pick up on what he was saying. The lyrics came too quickly for my ears and were buried in the music. It sounded to me like he was crying out. You have to listen deep to get it. The melody was always there, though, so I knew this was a chance for me to bring them up so people could really hear what Kurt was saying.”

Battle for Seattle tracklist:


Heart Shaped Box

Very Ape

Come As You Are



On A Plain

About A Girl

Son Of A Gun