Refused to tour Australia “in the next three months”

Ever since Swedish punks Refused confounded all expectations and reformed to play Coachella earlier this year, Aussie fans have been waiting with bated breath for news of a tour – and now it seems we have our strongest lead yet.

In an interview with FL earlier this week Big Day Out promoter Ken West name-checked Refused as one of the bands he had hoped to secure for the 2013 lineup, but lamented that negotiations fell through because “the guitarist [was busy] producing an opera in Sweden”. He then revealed that “I think they are coming in three months; it’s still in the bidding process. Probably AJ [Maddah, Soundwave promoter] will get that, he ends up getting all that stuff.”

While Maddah had previously ruled the Swedes out for Soundwave 2013, saying “unfortunately members of Refused are otherwise engaged between December and April”, a headline tour in coming months would line up nicely with the band’s current world tour plans. They are set to finish up their US tour in early November, while Dennis Lyxzen assured fans last month that more “non-American” dates would be announced soon.

When asked via twitter if Refused were a chance for Harvest 2012, Maddah replied “One of the greatest bands in the world. But not a Harvest band.”. No doubt Sigur Ros fans will be sighing a collective (ethereal) breath of relief.