Rage is screening a Recovery special this weekend

Break out the hair fudge and eyebrow rings – Recovery is back. Well, kind of.

This Saturday Rage will be airing a Recovery special, playing full episodes and some selected clips featuring host Dylan Lewis and “The Enforcer”, as well as out of control live performances from Metallica, TISM, Magic Dirt, The Cruel Sea and many more. We strongly suggest cancelling any other plans you had for the weekend.

Hosted by a spiky-haired Dylan Lewis and a hair-clip lovin’ Jane Gazzo, Recovery made Saturday mornings in the late ‘90s something special. For four years from 1996-2000 it entertained hungover teenagers Australia-wide with endless awkward interview moments and some genuinely brilliant musical performances. From Rivers Cuomo’s infamous jet-lagged interview disaster to the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion smashing up the ABC studios, music television didn’t get much crazier.

Following the cancellation of Video Hits in 2011 there was a push to revive the much loved TV show, with a Facebook group called Bring Back Recovery leading the charge. While the ABC didn’t hear the cry of the people, the campaign did allow for a great deal of misty-eyed nostalgia. In a lengthy blog post Leigh Whannell – Recovery’s “film review guy” turned uber successful horror flick maker – reminisced about what made the show so special: “Recovery managed to tap into the so-called ‘alternative’ movement that was in full swing at the time by giving teenagers what they actually want: genuine, unpolished anarchy,” he wrote at the time. “This anarchy was achieved by the producers hiring young people with zero experience in television and then letting them loose in a TV studio to host the show live in front of a studio audience – with no chance for a second take.” Read Whanell’s full post here.

Rage’s Recovery special will air on Saturday, November 27 from 10:30-11:30am, returning for the night from 11:56am on ABC.

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