Rage Against The Machine and Alice Cooper for Soundwave Revolution?


Soundwave Revolution promoter AJ Maddah has denied that Alice Cooper and Rage Against the Machine will be playing at the festival – ‘RATM are not on #swRevolution and ‘Seriously, I have had no contact with Alice Coopers people. None at all. No idea what festival uncle Vincent has been referring to.’

For more Soundave Revolution information check out the confirmed lineup (so far) and a lengthy list of bands ruled out of contention.

Rage Against The Machine and Alice Cooper are “the hot tip to be doing shows across Australia in 2011” according to Triple M.

The radio station’s music reporter Nui Te Koha, who recently leaked the news that Coldplay would be headlining Splendour in the Grass and not playing sideshows, says that “There’s a huge rumour doing the circuit that Rage Against The Machine will be here in September for Soundwave Revolution. Alice Cooper together [with Rage Against The Machine] will be headliners for Soundwave Revolution.”

Cooper recently told Blabbermouth that he’s playing festivals in “South America, Australia, Europe, Canada, and all over the States” in 2011, while Coachella’s official Facebook page announced this week that Rage Against the Machine will play their first date for 2011 in Los Angeles on July 30th with Muse and Rise Against.

So far thirty-four bands have been announced for the festival’s lineup, with the full Soundwave Revolution lineup announcement next Thursday 28th April expected to reveal a lineup of around 70 acts.

FasterLouder placed some bets on the lineup in late March and so far they’ve proved to be fairly accurate… who will be added next?