Radiohead ticket sales: “Slammed… Hang in there and keep trying”

The return of Radiohead after 8 years away has slammed ticket sales systems (and the FL office internet) as punters scrambled to buy tickets for their forthcoming tour in the Chugg presale today.

So far there has been no comment from Ticketmaster or Ticketek, but the promoters Chugg Entertainment have acknowledged the problems on their Facebook wall, advising: “People trying to buy Sydney tickets, the Ticketmaster site is currently being slammed, hence the trouble you’re having loading the page. Hang in there and keep trying.”

There are reports that fans have managed to buy tickets using their iphones, but many punters are struggling to progress pass the T&C’s stage of the purchase process. A number of people in the FL office have successfully purchased tickets by calling the outlets in Sydney and Melbourne.

The difficulties have lead to a number of vitriolic outpourings from passionate Radiohead fans, some of which have even started protest Facebook pages already.

Have managed to buy tickets? How do you do it?

If you have purchased tickets this is what you will be seeing in November:


Update from Chugg Entertainment:

Dear Radiohead fans,

We are aware that already, after a limited pre-sale, tickets are appearing on eBay for highly inflated prices.

Unfortunately, there is simply no legislation in place to prevent this activity, at this time. We are taking measures to minimise this market, but there are limitations as to what restrictions to re-sale we can impose.

We would warn Radiohead fans across Australia and New Zealand, not to buy tickets from unauthorised ticket sellers and scalpers, including those selling on eBay. We would like to remind fans that there are still authorised tickets to be released on Thursday for the general on sale.

Fans buying tickets from unauthorised ticket sellers also risk the tickets not arriving, having their tickets cancelled or not getting the seats they thought they were getting. We reserve the right to cancel tickets from unauthorised ticket sellers and there is no right of refund if the ticket is cancelled.

While we appreciate that there is an overwhelming demand for tickets from genuine fans, we just want everyone to be aware of the potential risks and we strongly encourage fans to only purchase tickets through the registered ticketing agency, so that they know the tickets will be valid.

Those who tried to buy tickets to the Sydney shows, we have followed up your feedback with Ticketmaster and they have advised that due to overwhelming demand for Radiohead tickets today Ticketmaster experienced a technical issue with the delivery methods made available to purchasers. The issue was rectified as a matter of urgency and all available presale tickets were snapped up quickly. As mentioned previously, today’s presale was of limited allocation and with such a high demand it was unlikely that everyone was going to be successful in securing tickets. Those of you that did miss out, please try again through the public on sale at 9am (local time) this Thursday.

On sale times for Radiohead tickets:

According to Chugg : “There still seems to be some confusion about what time tomorrow’s public on sale starts in each market and what exactly 9am local time refers to. Here’s a pretty little table outlining what time each show will go on sale depending on what state you’re in. EG If you’re in Perth & are hoping to buy tickets to one of the Sydney shows you will have to be ready to go at 7AM. Any Adelaidians who would like to try & secure a ticket to the Brisbane show need to be online by 9:30AM. Are you in Auckland & want to attend the show at Vector Arena? Tickets for you go on sale at 9AM.”