RüFüS, Elizabeth Rose @ Trinity Bar, Canberra (3/08/12)

Canberrans were treated to a double threat indie electro line up at Trinity Bar, spearheaded by RüFüS for their Blue EP Tour and supported by Elizabeth Rose. Both RüFüS and Elizabeth Rose are fast establishing their positions as the next big things in Australia’s indie dance scene. The three lads from RüFüS have also built a reputation of always delivering a cracker of a show when in Canberra and this occasion was no different.

Elizabeth Rose kicked off her set with her phenomenal cover of Flight Facilities’ Foreign Language. Her version of this tune featured the sound of slow lingering synths, which reverberated around a full room. It is hard to believe that such a young talent can produce such a smooth sound that is just so easy on the palate. Combining her two greatest assets, her ethereal voice and superior mixing talents, Elizabeth Rose hit the crowd with her hit tune Ready to end an upbeat set that finished too soon.

After Elizabeth Rose suitably warmed up the crowd, RüFüS hit the ground running with one of their big hitters, Paris Collides. From the get go, this trio had such an infectious rapport with each other on stage. They seemed genuinely stoked to be on stage, with Jon George on keys grinning from ear to ear as he looked over to his bandmates, including James on drums who left the drum set and joined him at one point, whilst Tyrone led the charge on lead vocals. This chemistry among the RüFüS lads was certainly responsible for their ability to nail their tunes like We Left live – their tight production, instrumentals and vocals roll together into one big ball of amazing.

During the RüFüS set, Elizabeth Rose was conspicuously sitting side of stage and given that Stars Ago was noticeably absent from her set, this was probably a good indicator of what was to come. Known for remixing this song, the RüFüS boys invited Elizabeth Rose on stage to perform Stars Ago with them. This was clear highlight of the night. It was refreshing to see two artists on tour together combine their talents and collaborate on stage, and the crowd certainly appreciated it, singing along to every word. This Summer capped off a very satisfying night for the RüFüS loving Canberrans present at Trinity.

Come back anytime RüFüS and Elizabeth Rose, we will welcome you with open arms.