Prince tour rumour update

Update: (29/3/12)

Another tweet from Prince’s touring keyboard player Cassandra O’Neal has further strengthened the tour rumour. When asked about the possibility of an Australian tour, and if Adelaide would be on the schedule, O’Neal offered the tantalising reply “Stay tuned….:)”

Prince’s DJ, DJ Rashida, has also sent tweets that seem to confirm that an Australian tour announcement is imminent. Asked if she’ll be coming to Australia with Prince the DJ replied with a non-committal, yet very promising, ”:))))”. Rashida also mentions that she’ll be heading “far down south soon ;)” and that she’s “Very excited about the next 2 months.. The stars have aligned & it’s Goin down! Stay tuned..”

Prince tour rumours appear every few months so when monger extraordinaire Nui Te Koha declared on the weekend that “Prince will announce the Australian tour this week” it was hard not to be a little sceptical.

After all the ‘news’ does come from a man who has assured us in the past that we’d be seeing Blink 182 and Limp Bizkit at the 2010 BDO; Blink 182 and Prince at this year’s BDO 2012; and Bruce Springsteen at this year’s AFL Grand Final. However it looks like this time around he might actually be onto something – guess if you throw out enough predictions the odds are that eventually you’ll get one right.

Thanks to a the fanatical fans on the Prince forums we now know that one of Prince’s two touring keyboard players, Cassandra O’Neal, was asked on Twitter if she would be “going to Australia with Prince later this year?” and her answer “Yes hopefully….:)” does seem to lend some credibility to the idea that a tour is in the works.

However, O’Neal, who has been a member of Prince’s backing band since 2009, was unable to offer any further clues telling another fan that she has no idea if the tour will be heading to New Zealand.