Pop Singles – All Gone

On All Gone, Melbourne three-piece Pop Singles go where many have gone before, namely breezy C-86-referencing jangle-pop (think Flying Nun and Before Hollywood-era Go-Betweens). The buoyant, buzzing sound is a pleasure – all melodic bass, chiming guitars and upbeat tempos – but All Gone’s great strength is its intimacy: Jack Farley’s lo-fi production mightn’t be to everyone’s tastes, but there’s something about the hissing, through-a-sharehouse-wall feel that keeps you coming back.

Likewise, the wobbles and cracks of Tam Matlakowski’s voice heighten the wounded sincerity that colours his lyrics, as relationships fade out and doubts creep in. You want to buy him a beer and let him cry on your shoulder, but there’s no need. In Pop Singles’ universe, the next gleeful, power-poppin’ coda is never far away.