Pony Face – Hypnotised

Though by no means underappreciated, it’s hard to imagine that even Pony Face’s strongest proponents thought they were capable of something as fully-formed as Hypnotised so early in their career. At its best, Hypnotised fuses elements of krautrock and shoegaze – which is just an elaborate way of saying that they rock out serenely and extensively.

However, while Simon Bailey is a guitarist capable of wonderful, J Mascis-esque texture and shade, he is a less-than-magnetic vocalist. On the more songwriter-ish numbers, the album slackens noticeably, with the surging energy of the band’s instrumental codas sorely missed. Over the course of the album, though, the gentler moments of ‘Holly Said’ and the outstanding title track create a welcome ebb and flow, heightening the intensity of ‘Alabama’ and its face-melting ilk.