Pond’s Nick Allbrook on The Horrors: “They’re hardworking little muppets”

He may’ve left Tame Impala to “”try and screw his head back on””:, but Nick Allbrook shows no signs of slowing down.

Recently relocated to Melbourne from his hometown of Perth, Allbrook played a solo psych-soul set at Melbourne’s Copacabana last Saturday and is preparing to release the fifth Pond album, Hobo Rocket, on August 2 through Modular. Speaking to FL’s Doug Wallen recently, he also revealed details of three completed albums with Cam Avery, frontman of The Growl and his replacement in Tame Impala.

Working as Allbrook/Avery, the pair released debut album Big ‘Art in 2011, but hope to have more material out in the near future. “They’ve just been piling up,” Allbrook told FL. “I did one pretty much by myself ages ago, and then me and him [Avery] did another one, sitting around in our sharehouse with our friend Ash McClain playing drums. That’s sort of half EP, half album. I guess it’s like 11 songs, so that’s an album.”

The third was completed in London with four-fifths of goth-pop outfit The Horrors, who the band supported when they were here for Laneway 2012. Allbrook hopes to release at least two of the albums concurrently online, but may delay the release of the third to coincide with a potential Horrors tour.

“I’d like to wait for the third one, so that we can make a big party of the shows,” he explained. “Because we recorded it with those lads from The Horrors, and it would be super fun to wait until they’re [here on tour]. They’re hardworking little muppets, running around all the time. I’d love to get them to play like a reincarnation of the band that actually recorded the album. So we’ll probably wait for that.”

Allbrook recently opened up to FL about his “sentimental” decision to leave Tame, saying he needed more time to pursue other projects. “I guess it can be pretty hard to do stuff on tour, apart from be in a bus and be playing a show,” he said. “To do that all the time, you can’t actually do anything else like make new stuff. People do, but you’ve gotta be a very strong-willed and mature – and I’m not strong-willed or mature.”

The full interview with Allbrook will be published on FL soon.