Playlist: Gold Fields’ “Electrospective”

To celebrate the release of EMI’s Electrospective compilation, MARK FULLER from Ballarat’s Gold Fields tells us his favourite electronic tracks from each decade – from the 1970s until present. The band have a new single out, ‘Dark Again’, which is lifted from forthcoming debut Black Sun.

1970s: Kraftwerk – Radioactivity

You couldn’t talk about electronic music in the ‘70s, or electronic music at all really, without mentioning Kraftwerk. It’s unreal that these sounds were created and invented by these guys so long ago and they’re sounds we still use today.

1980s: New Order – Blue Monday

Most music I think of when I think of the ‘80s is electronic in some facet but Blue Monday by New Order is the first one that springs to mind. It’s probably the same story for a lot of people. They were obviously influenced by Kraftwerk, and New Order definitely had some influence on the Gold Fields album that’s out in January next year.

1990s: Faithless – Insomnia/Daft Punk – Around The World

I couldn’t choose between Faithless and Daft Punk. I can remember watching Rage as a kid and just staring at the telly, hypnotised by the video for ‘Around The World’. I’ve loved Daft Punk ever since and seeing them live a few years ago in Melbourne was one of my favourite shows ever. After never being too deep into trance growing up, Faithless is more of a newfound love but I’ve always loved this song, just like everybody else in the world. We listen to a lot of Faithless on our night drives on tour.

2000s: The Avalanches – Since I Left You

Around 2006-2007 when I turned 18, I started getting a little more into electronic music. But a long time before that The Avalanches caught my ear and this is still one of my favourite songs of all time. It doesn’t really need an explanation as long as you’ve heard the song, or album.

2010s: The Presets – Push

I felt obliged to put Skrillex for this 2010s section just because everything else I’ve named is pretty much almost the staple electronic artist of the decade. The way it’s looking so far, Skrillex is going to be remembered for his stint in the 2010s. But I won’t do that because I don’t really love what Skrillex has done (or at least unintentionally encouraged) within dance music. So instead I’ll put The Presets because they’re one of my favourite bands since their first album Beams (2005). Apocalypso (2008) is one of my favourite albums and they’ve just put out a new record (*Pacifica*) and I love it. But did and still do really like Skrillex’s old band, From First To Last.

Electrospective is out now through EMI.